The day has come… to leave Paris… first we take a fast RER B to rent a car at the airport… then we start the new impressionist adventure… the first surprise pops up on the way to Giverny… a real field of poppies… just like in Katie Meets the Impressionists picture book we remember from kindergarten… the Poppy Field surprise continues with an afternoon in the real garden… and THIS was such a nice surprise… a blooming and calming joy…
Rushed exit from the garden… we hit the road for one more hour to our next impressionist destination… Rouen… checking in at Hotel Les Initiés… fondue dinner at Maître Corbeau… yum!
For the grand finale… the Cathedral Light Show… visible from our upper floor room… only good impressions for a sleepy night!
Wish we had one more night… for the oldest inn of France… and an Assiette MICHELINLa Couronne… on the travel.wish.list.

Katie Meets The Impressionists

Giverny, place of memory

A glazed biscuit cat

Claude Monet’s Glazed Biscuit Kitty Cat Returns to the Artist’s Home

Monet’s Biscuit Cat Found After Years of Being Lost

Monet’s lost cat returned to its home in Giverny

CATHÉDRALE NOTRE-DAME: Cathedral of Light 2019

Wed, 06/19 Paris-Rouen: Hotel Les Initiés
Le Port-Marly?, Claude Debussy Museum, Giverny

From Paris to Honfleur, following in the footsteps of the great Impressionists
Voyage en Normandie Impressionniste
Le Chemin des Impressionists . pdf
SaintGermain Boucles de Seine . pdf
Passage Debussy – Japan pdf

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