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CITINERARY: Râșnov Fortress

Unlike Bran, the Râșnov Fortress had many buildings, including houses, a school, a chapel… unlike Peleş, a royal residence, Râșnov Fortress is known as “the peasant Citadel Râşnov”. Looking back in time we’ve realized that Râșnov Fortress is a perfect … Continue reading

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Here’s a citinerary after our visit in June… With a square section supported on three buttresses IT was built in 1622 during Gabriel Bethlen restoration works. The access stairs were built of wood on ITs Eastern side and in the … Continue reading

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11. RO: Sinaia to Bucharest

For several years now it just happens we are in the same place at the same time… Peleș Castle… Concursul de Eleganţă Sinaia! While the auto show is not a surprise anymore it is always enjoyable, and since we visited … Continue reading

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10. RO: A Castle, A Fortress…

After a delicious breakfast at Conacul Brătescu we walk our short way to Bran Castle… time for the little ones to learn about the history… and the legend… the castle was decently crowded… had the chance to join a guided … Continue reading

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9. RO: Ticket to… Bran!

On our way to Bran via Berevoești… we learned by chance about Mihai Tican Rumano… adding his museum on the wish list for a next trip and his books to the reading list… traveling ahead through bouts of hail we … Continue reading

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6-8. Romania

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Fast forward to Bucharest… by Aerobus… from Pl.Catalunya… very convenient, short & sweet! Just a bit of time for last minute shopping… while writing this I’m trying to find the souvenirs we liked in Barcelona… and here’s a very cool … Continue reading

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TRIP: 2017.06-07.Spain-RO

Ready for summer travel! Here’s a tentative itinerary with many old favorites, new things to try, a lot to discover, some places that will stay on the wish list for the next travels and room for surprises… ¡buen viaje! 0. … Continue reading

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TRIP: 2016.06-07.LON.HU.RO.BCN.UK

Time to travel back in time, here’s the (mostly) medieval tentative itinerary with booked flight and train tickets, hotels, apartments and … castles! Wed, 06/15: SFO – LON VS020: SFO | 17:40 – LHR | 12:05 Thu, 06/16: LON LHR … Continue reading

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TRIP: 2015.06-07.LON.RO.GR

The day is, or rather was as I jot down these notes, June 14, 2015. school activities… done packing… check itinerary… packed Time to fly!

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