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A is for AfricaA Is for Africa by Ifeoma Onyefulu

A London-based photographer offers images of traditional life and culture in her Nigerian homeland.

Africa Is Not A CountryAfrica Is Not A Country by Margy Burns Knight
Illustrated by Anne Sibley O’Brien

An informative picture book celebrates the diversity of the 53 nations that make up the continent today.

Safari in South AfricaAdventures of Riley #1: Safari in South Africa by Amanda Lumry

Follow Riley as he joins his uncle Max, a world-renowned biologist, his aunt Martha, and his cousin Alice, on an incredible South African safari.

Mission to MadagascarAdventures of Riley–Mission to Madagascar by Amanda Lumry

Riley goes loopy for lemurs as his reality-based exploits take him to the mysterious island of Madagascar in search of the elusive aye-aye!

An African ChristmasAn African Christmas by Ifeoma Onyefulu

This brilliant photo-essay vividly depicts African village life, while the simple, endearing story uses a favorite holiday to gently point out the differences — and similarities — between cultures.

Ashanti to ZuluAshanti to Zulu: African Traditions

Explains traditions and customs of 26 African tribes beginning with letters from A to Z.

Beneath the Rainbow Beneath the Rainbow
A Collection of Children’s Stories and Poems from Kenya

Drawing on images and characters from traditional African myths, legends, and folklore, this colorful anthology features three short stories and three poems from Kenya.

Bongani's_Day Bongani’s Day: From Dawn to Dusk in a South African City
by Gisèle Wulfsohn

A day in the life of a young South African boy.
Illustrated with colour photographs.

I Lost My Tooth In AfricaI Lost My Tooth In Africa by Penda Diakité

A charming, original adventure story about losing a first tooth while visiting family in Mali.

Ikenna Goes to NigeriaIkenna Goes to Nigeria by Ifeoma Onyefulu

Told in the first-person, this charming photographic book shows young readers the pleasures that await in other countries and cultures.

Jock of the Bushveld Jock of the Bushveld by Sir James Percy FitzPatrick

The book “Jock of the Bushveld” was written by Sir Percy Fitzpatrick in 1905, for his young children, and tell the story of his dog “Jock” and their adventures in South Africa some 20 years before.

MisosoMisoso: Once Upon a Time Tales from Africa by Verna Aardema

Illustrated in full color. From Angola to Zanzibar, this treasury is as varied and bountiful as Africa itself! Nearly 50 illustrations vibrantly reflect the spirit of these read-aloud delights, while a map of Africa, story source information, and a personal note from the author make this a rich volume for folk-tale lovers of all ages.

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