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Favorite books about Ancient Greece
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Ancient Greece

A Coloring book of the Odyssey from the art of Ancient GreeceA Coloring book of the Odyssey from the art of Ancient Greece

Adventures in Ancient GreeceAdventures in Ancient Greece by Linda Bailey

Adventures in Ancient Greece is an exciting mix of adventure and historical information about life in Greece in the fifth century BC.

Ancient Greece by Peter ConnollyAncient Greece By Andrew Solway, Illustrated by Peter Connolly

Sail on an Athenian ship, discover how the philosopher Socrates ended up in a prison cell, and find out why young Athenians burned their toys in this delightful recreation of life in 5th-century B.C.

Ancient Greece (British Museum Fun Books)Ancient Greece (British Museum Fun Books)

With a plethora of puzzles, games, jokes and brainteasers about Ancient Greece, this book also offers crosswords, word searches, anagrams, hidden word, picture puzzles, logic and maths puzzles, codes to crack and a lot of jokes and cartoons.

Ancient Greece (DK Eyewitness Books)Ancient Greece (DK Eyewitness Books) by Anne Pearson

Traces ancient Greek achievements from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic period using evidence found by archaeologists.

Ancient Greece (Excavating the Past)Ancient Greece (Excavating the Past) by Christine Hatt

Archaeology and the Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greece- An Interactive History AdventureAncient Greece: An Interactive History Adventure by William Caper

Will you explore a career in government, art, or philosophy as a citizen of Athens or the hardworking, disciplined life of a resident of Sparta?

Classical Kids- An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and RomeClassical Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in Ancient Greece and Rome
by Laurie Carlson

Learn how these civilizations contributed to our present-day world by participating in art, math, cooking, science, and geography activities.

Hands-On History Ancient GreeceHands-On History! Ancient Greece by Richard Tames

How-to projects bring the past to life: construct a miniature Parthenon, paint a dolphin fresco, make a comic mask, and learn the ancient Greek alphabet.

Hour of the OlympicsHour of the Olympics (Magic Tree House #16) by Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece!

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient GreeceIllustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece by Sean Sheehan

The art, culture, and mythology of ancient Greece still exert powerful influences on modern civilization. This attractive and authoritative book opens up the fascinating world of the Greeks to young readers.

Magic Tree HouseMagic Tree House Fact Tracker #10: Ancient Greece and the Olympics
by Mary Pope Osborne
A Nonfiction Companion to Magic Tree House #16: Hour of the Olympics

MythologyMythology (Ologies) by Dugald A. Steer

Written by Lady Hestia Evans in 1825, Mythology records her travels through Greece, explring the wonders of the ancient world, its vengeful gods and the fearless heroes of myth and legend.

Spend the Day in Ancient GreeceSpend the Day in Ancient Greece: Projects and Activities that Bring the Past to Life by Linda Honan

It is over two thousand years ago in Athens, Greece, and you are invited to join a typical family as they celebrate the birthday of the goddess Athena.

Step Into Ancient GreeceStep Into… Ancient Greece by Richard Tames

Step back in time to ancient Greece and discover the spectacular achievements of an adventurous civilization.

The Ancient Greece of OdysseusThe Ancient Greece of Odysseus (The Ancient World) by Peter Connolly

This is a marvellous, superbly illustrated retelling of two great epics – “Homer’s Iliad” and “Odyssey”

The Ancient Greek WorldThe Ancient Greek World (World in Ancient Times) by Jennifer T. Roberts

…the history of a place, a people, and a culture that has left some of the most beautiful art, the greatest stories, and the most magnificent cities and buildings that the world has ever known.

The Ancient GreeksThe Ancient Greeks (People of the Ancient World) by Allison Lassieur

Explores life in ancient Greece through its people.

The British Museum Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient GreeceThe British Museum Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ancient Greece
by Sean Sheehan

This encyclopaedia has over 200 entries on every aspect of Greek life, culture and history.

The First Marathon- The Legend of PheidippidesThe First Marathon: The Legend of Pheidippides by Susan Reynolds

The history of the marathon is revealed in this retelling of the ancient Greek legend of Pheidippides, who ran 140 miles to neighboring Sparta to ask for aid when a small band of Greek soldiers faced the mighty Persian army on the plain of Marathon.

The Illustrated Children's Encyclopedia of the Ancient WorldThe Illustrated Children’s Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

With the fabulous visual material and accessible and authoritative text in this volume, children can step back in time to discover the wonders of the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Aztec and Maya, the Incas, Ancient China and Ancient Japan.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient GreeceThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece by Nigel Rodgers

A comprehensive history with 1000 photographs

The Olympic AdventureThe Olympic Adventure: Magic Necklace Series by Jem O’

Jacey thinks that the Olympic games are a waste of time. However, when her aunt gives her a magical necklace, Jacey discovers what the Olympic games are all about!

Tools of the Ancient GreeksTools of the Ancient Greeks: A Kid’s Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Greece by Kris Bordessa

Kids discover the origin of ancient Greek theories, such as anatomy, geography, and democracy, and the ways they continue to influence modern-day thinking with the absorbing time lines, sidebars, and activities included in this guide.

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