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Disney 4-Movie Collection: Herbie (Love Bug / Herbie Goes Bananas / Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo / Herbie Rides Again)

Le Petit NicolasLe Petit Nicolas

Based on the series of children’s books by René Goscinny.

LinneaLinnea in Monet’s Garden
A charming, animated introduction to the work of Impressionist painter Claude Monet and Giverny’s garden.

Mr. Bean's HolidayMr. Bean’s Holiday

The hapless Mr. Bean takes a vacation on the French Riviera.

The Butterfly The Butterfly

A trip to the Alps to find a rare butterfly specimen.

Fox and the Child The Fox and the Child

A 10 years old girl’s adventure in the Jurassic mountains in eastern France.

White ManeWhite Mane directed by Albert Lamorisse

In the south of France, in a near-desert region called La Camargue, lives White Mane, a magnificent stallion and the leader of a herd of wild horses too proud to let themselves be broken in by humans.

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