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WEEKDAY TRIP: San Francisco

Monday in San Francisco… Yerba Buena Gardens… delicious TropisueƱo… CJM closed Pan American Unity… walking weather… Local Color Salesforce Gardens… cloud architecture Mission Plaza… cherry blossoms “An Injury To One Is An Injury To All” Embarcadero highights Revelations

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Purple Hike… Purple Heads Purple Temples Purple Clover California Wildflower Impressions Blues and Gold Fairy Lanterns Edge Wood

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Milagra Ridge… peaceful Mori Point… blooming Weaving Goldfields Blooming South… Blooming North Bloomings by the Ocean

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SAN FRANCISCO: Spring Scents

Living with scents… delightful… Neighbor Bakehouse… delicious… Letterform Archive… on the wish list… Minnesota Street Project… Dogpatch… blooming!

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Morning fog… dissipating over the ocean… blue & gold sky lupine rocks HOPE IS FOREVER Sun Catchers Pacific Mirror Sealed With a Kiss

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SUNDAY HIKE: Los Altos Hills

Buckeye view Canvas sky Shades of green Spring maids Why is Bay Area air quality so bad in the winter?

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DAY TRIP: Footsteps Of Spring

When there’s not enough time to go for a hike… and to the City… a hike in the City! Mt. Davidson is the highest point in San Francisco… and the first on our Saturday itinerary… on the Footsteps Of Spring… … Continue reading

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Grows best in sandy, coarse-grained or other fast draining soil… yes! Selected for the garden from San Bruno Mountain… closer to home… and to the now established San Bruno Mountain Sessileflower Goldenaster… happy to find more local native plants for … Continue reading

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SAN FRANCISCO: Life Survives

Back in Bay Area… city cats… San Francisco… Boba Guys… Asia Art Museum… Continuity… Weaving Stories… Life Survives by the Power of Life II… a beautiful day to be in the city!

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SAN JOSE: Christmas Sphinx

You never know who will make your day… or save the Sphinx of San Jose šŸ™

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