Time flies…

time_fliesIt’s been almost a month, it was great, trying to record the itineraries while still fresh…

First, the FLIGHT I T I N E R A R Y:

  • 5/22: SFOLON
  • Found a pretty good deal with AA from SFOLON, return from BCNSFO, one short stop in JFK. Just under $500. It worked out OK, made all the connections with no trouble, although it was a little tight on the way back with rechecking the luggage.

  • 5/23-28: LONDON
  • 5/28: LTNTLV
  • The only non-stop flight we found was with ElAl. Booked it from Elal’s site, ~$300. Found it afterwards a bit less expensive at Expedia. BTW, Elal has the best coffee in the sky!

  • 5/28-6/4: ISRAEL
  • 6/4: TLVOTP
  • Direct flight with Tarom, Ursus beer included 🙂
    A bit of an adventure to book from Tarom‘s website, and that’s how we found that Expedia works outside US too. 4 tickets for ~$1100.

  • 6/5-11: ROMANIA
  • 6/11: BUHBCN
  • Short flight with BlueAir, booked directly from their site, quick and easy, 4 tickets for ~EUR300.

  • 6/11-18: BARCELONA
  • 6/18: BCNSFO
  • A long flight, we left all the good weather in Barcelona to find only rain in NY and some turbulence from there on to the west coast.

Good to be back home, dreaming of the next itineraries…

Just one more little thing about airports and kids, I was so happy to find a nice little playground in TLV, we had quite a bit of waiting, and so we all enjoyed that little cute play place. Spotted another play place in BCN too, and I’ve always appreciated the Kids’s Spot and the art exhibits at SFO!

Check our flying page for consolidated & updated news.

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