TEL AVIV: White Itineraries

Poze_London_Israel 890Tel Aviv was proclaimed “The White City”, a World Cultural Heritage site, by UNESCO in July 2003. As a true party city, it celebrates its heritage in an annual White Night and this year seems it was special in homage to the City’s 100th birthday. Too bad we’ve missed it, so let’s see how we can make it up online…

We’re planning a compact white tour of Bialik St. where there is quite a Bauhaus treasure with Avezerman House at #5, Goldin House at #6, Rubin Museum at #14, and the Bauhaus Museum at #21. MuseumLab has a post on Tel Aviv’s new Bauhaus Museum, and the City of Tel Aviv-Jaffa maintains the White-City site with info and photos of the aforementioned buildings too. And Tchochkes has a very nice and picturesque tour of Bauhaus Museum too!

Tel-Aviv Yafo Centennial site has a nice white route that begins at the point where historic Yafo meets Neve Zedek and Ahuzat Bayit, passing through the heart of the White City, here’s a map with 26 stations.

Bauhaus Center on 99 Dizengoff St. also organizes Bauhaus tours for 15$. And TimeOut Israel dedicates a A House for Bauhaus in its June edition.

Yigal Gawze‘s photographic exhibition Fragments of a Style: A Celebration of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv had left San Francisco and Israelity follows its itinerary in Bauhaus Travels.

More Bauhaus pics at telaviv4fun

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