4.LON: BritiShakespeare Day

Yummy early morning at Maitre Choux in South Kensington… on our way to see a newly reopened British Museum gallery… for a journey through China and South Asia… brush painting weaved with musical discoveries from around the world… loosely following a musically-mixed CITINERARY…

On our way to China and South Asia we discover the Chinese Jade Gallery… beautiful intricate jade designs from the dawn of time… enjoying it slowly until we reach the Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia… looking for the Admonition Stroll… Chinese painting and writing… exploring the timeline of China history… like an entire history book laid out in a museum… an amazing journey indeed!

Continuing our journey through the cultural diversity of South Asia… and our art docent memories… exploring the history, art and culture from 1.5 million years ago to the present day… with a musical touch of Ravi Shankar’s sitar and an ivory sarinda… an enriching glimpse into another part of the world… a gallery to linger in and return to… a time capsule of another civilization.

A visit at the British Museum is always too short and feels so rich… it’s time to wave farewell to Hodori in the Korea Gallery as we follow the mountain heart in No Su-hyeon’s Landscape… ‘Old trees hang upon a cliff half are coloured autumn leaves’… we pass by the sarangang… ‘House of Flowing Happiness’… a beautiful ending to an intense morning in the Asian galleries.

Next destination is in walking and eating distance… with a lunch stop at Planet Organic… a yummy find on the way to RIBA… where we plan to disappear for the next hour or so… before refreshing on Vigo Street… checking on the Royal Academy of Arts… and finally heading to the pre-theatre dinner at one of the fav restaurants near Shakespeare’s Globe… we do love Mango!

Last but definitely the highlight of this short trip… Shakespeare’s GlobeThe Two Noble Kinsmen… a joyous, exuberant, lovely play for the whole family… the grand finale of a short but fun trip to London… can I say as usual 🙂
Until next time… Austria here we come!

Ancient ChinaTimeline
China and the world comparative timeline . pdf
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Music of Courtly India
Ravi Shankar’s sitar: bringing India to the world

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Shakespeare’s Globe: The Two Noble Kinsmen
The Two Noble Kinsmen @ Shakespeare’s Globe

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