WINTER BREAK: North Lake Tahoe

A winter full of surprises… and epiphanies… after looking for another ski or winter destination we came to realize that for us Tahoe is a 14 year old tradition to be continued and celebrated… wonderful beach walks… amazing sunsets in Incline Village… new trail discoveries…   Olympic and Alpine ski cheer…
Happy New Ski Year!

Epihpanies: Incline Village, Squaw-Alpine, Tahoe Meadows… to be continued 🙂

Anniversary: Frémont’s “Discovery” of Lake Tahoe in 1844

On February 14, 1844, Valentine’s Day, Frémont and Charles Preuss, climbed the dividing ridge of the Sierra crest where they “discovered” Lake Tahoe, about 20 miles to the north. History records them as the first Euro-Americans to see the magnificent lake, but celebrated trapper, Stephen C. Meek, claimed to have been the first Caucasian to see the Truckee River when he set traps on it in 1833. It seems unlikely that Meek would not have followed the relatively short Truckee River to its source, Lake Tahoe.

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