10. NORMANDY: Varengeville-sur-Mer to Honfleur

Best night of the trip… a silent night in the forest by the windmill creek… refreshing morning with a delicious breakfast with my favorite croissant and the most flavorful honey ever… a stroll that you don’t want to end in the lush green garden… a peaceful place to return to… for now we continue our art itinerary to Varengeville noticing how the light at Pourville beach changed… a good reason to come back and stay a day or longer!
Varengeville-sur-MerBois des MoutiersCimetière Marin

rising sheer above the sea, in a place where the eye discovers a long stretch of coast shaped like a sickle…

Circuit Jacques-Émile Blanche Valleuse des Moutiers… the intense, almost unreal light of nature of the Alabaster Coast
Lingering in Varengeville… we decide to skip Veules-les-Roses and Fécamp for the time being… and make one more impressionist lunch detour in Étretat… at Port d’Aval…
Here, is where Monet came to paint one of his many portrayels of the Aval cliff whilst staying in Etretat, in this case the leaving of the sardine-fishing boats. The view from above enhances the scattering effect of the boats sailing off into the distance…

Another hour drive… over Pont de Normandie and we arrive in the lively and over-animated Honfleur… it’s a Saturday evening and Fête de la Musique afterall… but on the cozy Honfleur roofs the night is quiet and the sleep is sound 🙂

Alabaster Coast – Cote d’Albatre – Normandy

Claude Monet, The Church at Varengeville, 1882

Claude Monet, Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville, 1882

Claude Monet, L’Église de Varengeville, soleil couchant, 1882

Claude Monet, Low Tide at Varengeville, 1882

Claude Monet, Path with Firs at Varengeville, 1882

Bois des Moutiers

Circuit Jacques-Émile Blanche

Manoir d’Ango

Moutiers Valley

VARENGEVILLE-SUR-MER: History | Les Valleuses

Les Jardins d’Étretat

Claude Monet Etretat, The Cliff – Musée d’Orsay

Claude Monet The Cliffs at Étretat 1885

Claude Monet | The Manneporte (Étretat, 1883) | The Met

Monet and Auburtin at Étretat: L’Aiguille, Porte d’Aval, and Porte d’Amont

Monet’s Unquiet Heart, In Étretat

Fri, 06/21 Honfleur: Les Maisons de Honfleur: Sur les toits de Honfleur
Fecamp , Etretat… Côte d’Albâtre
Honfleur: Fête de la Musique, Les rendez-vous annuels

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