LAKE TAHOE: West Shore

Conflicting snow news and late start of the day make for a full sightseeing day… on the west shore… from the forest stroll at Ward Creek Park… to the slippery Eagle Rock climbing… picnicking on the lake shore at Ed Z’berg Sugar Pine Point SP… surprising basket exhibit at the Tahoe Museum… early sunset at Common Beach… ending with a delicious dinner at the family favorite Blue Agave… snow showers still not to be seen…
…until late night….like a wild scene right from The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus… a perfect ending to an amazingly relaxing day… sprinkled with powder hope for a beautiful ski day tomorrow.


Ed Z’Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park . pdf

Lake Tahoe Historical Society
North Lake Tahoe Historical Society
Preserving native basket weaving | Museum houses 700 historic baskets

Lake Tahoe Water Trail

Tahoe Maritime Museum

Burton Creek State Park

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