Konstantinos Arvanitakis | Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens City | Greece | 2019 | 11min

A teenager from a European country visits Greece and by strolling the “The Heart of Ancient Athens” area discovers the materiality of European values in the making, during the classical period. To understand European tradition and to build the European future, it is fundamental to acknowledge the accomplishments of Ancient Greece.

The Acropolis and the surrounding archaeological sites were the scenery of events, initiatives and inventions that continue to be a source of learning for thousands of years and the material expression of the Greek contributions to intellectual history, the emphasis on logic and reasoning, an ordered universe or cosmos, the centrality of civic life, and human action rather than divine will as causation. Our story aims to increase understanding of the shared history of Europe, focusing on values of pan-European nature: freedom of expression, democracy and the rule of law, citizenship and participation, scientific thought and human creativity that underpin European integration.

2020 Arkhaios Film Festival – Virtual Edition


  • EUROPA: Εὐρώπη, “wide vision”
  • THEATER: theatron, “a place for viewing”
  • AGORA: æɡərə, “center for city’s civic life”
  • PHILOSOPHY: φιλοσοφία, philosophia, “love of wisdom”
  • DEMOCRACY: δημοκρατία, dēmokratiā, “rule by the people”
  • PHILOXENIA: the ancient and fundamental Greek cultural tradition of hospitality and kindness to strangers
  • ACADEMY: Ἀκαδημία, Akademia
  • LYCEUM: Λύκειον, Lykeion

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