CITINERARY: Rancho San Antonio

A classic 2h hiking itinerary… maybe longer… in spring with blooming wildflowers… popular but never disappoints… November highlights… follow the trail… . pdf
Over the hills not very far away
Coyote bush is the plant of the day

Start at the pilot area in the upper parking lot

Follow the meandering trail to a green spot
Buckeye seeds are the autumn ornaments

Picnic tables are welcoming happy friends
Look up for a lonely bush and a trail
Here is a hint to find its name

A solitary oak leaning against the hill
A turning point and a dragon still

See the dancing queens
Smell the fragrant greens

The conductor takes us to new heights
It opens the trail to new natural sights

The audience is up in the sky
The young sages are aiming up high

Taking a curtsy at the end of act one

The nature show has just begun

It is only with the heart…

…that one can see right

Colors are hiding

Leaves are fading

Vultures flying

Horse riding

Toyon to descend

The trail does not end

Grounded ferns

Soaring laurels

A tired madrone

Light at the end of the tunnel

Everything is connected

… but not broken

…to the top



Bypass the farm?

Choose the forest charm

A nature choral

Full circle Bay Laurel

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