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Celebrating California’s Biodiversity Day!
With forest, dunes, and rocky coastline, Asilomar is an amazing example of California’s biodiversity! Here are 3 different habitats to explore at Asilomar:

  1. Asilomar Dunes Preserve
  2. Across the street from Asilomar’s main beach are the last remaining 25 acres of undeveloped dunes habitat in Pacific Grove, CA. These dunes were once decimated by unmanaged use, but restoration efforts rehabilitated these dunes and over 35 native plant species. These dunes are home to endangered species such as the Menzies’ Wallflower, Tidestrom’s Lupine, and the black legless lizard. Visitors today can appreciate and protect these species by staying on the 1/4 mile boardwalk.

  3. Asilomar Forest
  4. The historic Asilomar Conference Grounds, established in 1913 as a YWCA summer camp and leadership conference grounds, was designed by California’s first female architect and is nestled within the Asilomar Pine Forest. This forest is home to creatures great and small including deer, coyotes, bobcats, and many incredible birds

  5. Asilomar Coast Trail
  6. The 3/4 mile coast trail is just north of Asilomar’s main beach and allows visitors to visit rocky coastline and pocket beaches. This is a wonderful place to spot shorebirds, marine mammals, and tidepool creatures (remember to look but not touch).

+ Julia’s Lobster Mushroom Chowder
+ Fishwife’s Fish & Chips
Fishwife’s clam chowder… starting a chowder itinerary 🙂

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