ITINERARY: 2023.07-08.UK-FR-RO

From Great Britain… to Brittany… and for something completely different in Romania… a tentative itinerary:

[01.Tue] 07.18.SJC-LON: BA

  • London, here we come!

[02.Wed] 07.19.LON: Nell Gwynn House

  • Heathrow to Chelsea by tube
  • Suzette?

[03.Thu] 07.20.London

[04.Fri] 07.21.London

[05.Sat] 07.22.London

[06.Sun] 07.23.London

[07.Mon] 07.24.London-Paris: Eurostar

[08.Tue] 07.25.PARIS

[09.Wed] 07.26.Paris-Nantes

[10.Thu] 07.27.Josselin?

[11-12.Fri-Sat?] 07.28-30.Pont-Aven?

[12-15.Sun-Tue] 07.30-08.02.Dinan

[15.Wed] 08.02.Cancale-Rouen

[16.Thu] 08.03.ROUEN

[17.Fri] 08.04 BVA-OTP: Sinaia


[18-23] 08.05-10.Sinaia

[24] 08.11.Sinaia-STN: Cambridge

[25-26] 08.12-13.Cambridge

[27] 08.14.Cambridge-London

[28] 08.15.LHR-SJC

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