From London to Middle East

Our third and last day in London, still cloudy with rain forecast. To much of my dismay we decided to not take chances up in the air at Kew Gardens, and try a mix of My Fair Lady with Middle Eastern moves.

We started our last day in London at the lovely and lively Covent Garden.

We found here a delightful toy store, Benjamin Pollock’s toyshop, home of toy theatres and traditional toys for both children and adult collectors.
Pollock's Toy ShopPollock's Toy TheatresPollock's Toyshop

A shortcut through Theatreland brought us to British. I had big plans for this visit, but all the activity backpacks were taken and after just a short visit to Egypt we got caught in the museum activities.
TheatrelandBritish_activitiesMiddle Eastern Dance

We had a late lunch at Villandry, the kids were excited to paint their own ice cream, but that was just ice cream with different sauces, just a spoon to paint with … isn’t this a brilliant idea to try at home too! They had macaroni and cheese and pasta with hidden vegetable sauce. After switching their plates they both ate good, and that made me happy. But not the wait for every little thing, so even the fancy kid menu won’t make this a kid-friendly restaurant for me…

Another bus tour with a stop at Hamleys, final destination Tower of London. That was all, we definitely need more than 3 days in London next time…

Tower BridgeIt was a beautiful day without rain, but rain will come next day, our flight day to Tel Aviv. So don’t trust the forecast and go out there, London is so beautiful and totally enjoyable with and by the kids too!

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