CaesareaFrom a peaceful resort in Caesarea, Israel, just a few minutes drive from Caesarea National Park. We rented a condo at Neot Resort, which proved to be a good choice with kids. The swimming pool is ideally located near a playground and mini golf, and we all enjoyed that. The toddler pool was closed, but our kids were happy with the indoor pool. So happy that we’ve hanged around that pool for 2 days! I would have preferred to have the pool open in the evening, but it closes at 5PM. On the other hand, it was nice and relaxing this way too.

We finally managed to get the kids to the real beach in the evening. First evening it was late enough to miss the sunset, so we only enjoyed the Roman Aqueduct and lively beach with campers. Yes, it was a holiday in Israel that weekend, Shavuot.

Next day we went to the Aqueduct Beach a bit earlier, no campers, only trash. It’s really a pity, that beach is really naturally beautiful otherwise, a long beach with fine sand and a Roman Aqueduct as backdrop.

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