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Another early morning start brings us at Notre Dame again. This time we find a cute little playground and park to warm up the day. We are among the first visitors of Notre Dame, and it is still too early for the archaeological Crypt under the Parvis de Notre-Dame that opens only at 10AM, added it to the wish list for the next trip to Paris.

Next to Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie. We are almost first in line and didn’t need to wait long and we just loved Sainte Chapelle! I wish we had a Wednesday for the night concert… But today is Sunday, and our next destination is Centre Pompidou and Atelier Brancusi. A short walk and we are there. L’Atelier is open only in the afternoon, so we have time to visit the museum and have lunch. Modern art museums are great with kids, and Centre Pompidou is no exception, we wish we had a full day, will keep this in mind for next time.

Today is the dome day and we take the metro to the other side of the Seine. We take a play break in Jardin du Luxembourg and have fun with Pinocchio. Luckily, we catch the last tour to the top of the Panthéon that will mark the start of our summer dome tour!

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