Day 0, flying from San Francisco to London!

As adults we lost the excitement of a long flight, it’s good to see kids enthusiastic about it. SFO is also a nice, family-friendly airport, with its own museum where we catch the Tushanwan Pagodas: Models from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and we are happy to find a few gifts from or about Bay Area at the SFMOMA shop, adding them to the souvenir section.

As I’m trying to remember the first day of our trip I realize that the SFO Museum is a host for the local art scene and a place to learn about Bay Area. Sweet travels!

Public Art at SFOArt Takes Flight at SFO

Love Letters 2000, Enrique Chagoya

Shining Paths: San Francisco’s Sister Cities | Shining Paths 2007 | On The Air 2000

World CivilizationViola Frey: Ceramicist: Educator Guide

Blue Deer and Red FoxStarting the citinerary with a beautiful children’s book, Blue Deer and Red Fox by Clare Rojas, adding it to the wish list for now.

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