LON: The City

First real discovery day, jetlag is behind us and we have big City plans.
The City of London is nicknamed the Square Mile and is the oldest part of London.
A good place to start our London itinerary!

From Chelsea to the City is an easy tube ride, if there’s no tube strike that is… A morning stroll from Mansion House station brings us the City Visitor Center past the typical mix of architecture that we remember from the previous trip and renewed by many construction sites.


P1470049We walk our way through St. Paul Gardens to our first destination, Museum of London by the London Wall, the theme of this trip is Ancient History afterall. We usually love to start exploring a city in its own museum, and Museum of London has such a great website that we started exploring it even before the trip! The real museum experience with hands-on activities and all was awesome and it stayed as our favorite spot of this trip!

P1470046The London Wall Walk remains on our medieval history wish trip for now, starting with the Tower of London. We continue crisscrossing the City, to the Bank of England Museum, London’s Roman Amphitheatre at Guildhall Galleries and The Monument to the Great Fire of London. A Visit to The Monument also means climbing 311 stairs for a great view. We could have walked the 202 feet to Pudding Lane, next time on the medieval trip!

P1470198It’s afternoon, time for tea!
A short bus ride brings us to the City of Westminster where our fist refreshing stop is at 216 Strand for tea tasting.
After that we are ready for the dragon search. Found only two, we’ll leave the full dragon hunt for next time, here’s a map and nice story for the City of London Boundary Dragons.


P1470330After a full day of sightseeing it’s playtime!
That’s waterplay at Sommerset House.
Invigorated and with a huge appetite, we find the shortest way through Theatreland to an old favorite, Belgo Centraal, yum!
We bid farewell to the Trafalgar Square’s lions and Gift Horse and we wish for longer days and trips!


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