CALIFORNIA NATIVE: Galvezia Speciosa!

The California native design of our garden is beginning to take shape… found many plants we liked… got inspired by others… created spaces for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds…

Here are some of the latest additions…

Galvezia Speciosa – “Island Bush Snapdragon” for hummingbirds and color… from the Channel Islands

Iris macrosiphon ‘Mount Madonna’… an excellent Iris for a rock garden which attracts bees and butterflies… discovered on Mt. Madonna

Narrow-leaved milkweed… the most widespread milkweed species in California…

Monardella villosa x purpurea… a Coyote Mint hybrid… for butterflies… for more fragrance we might try Monardella villosa ‘Russian River’ for the butterfly garden…

Golden Currant… attracts hummingbirds and monarch butterflies… very easy to grow, and needs no special care once established… Golden Currant is native from Riverside county to the south Bay Area.

Never thought of traveling through California in our garden… until now 🙂

The herb and vegetable garden is growing too… basil, borage, celery ‘Redventure’, chamomile, cilantro Calypso, dill, lovage, mint, parsley, sage, thyme…

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