HIDDEN VILLA: California Native Plants

If it’s November it is seed sowing time… and the Santa Clara Valley Native Plant Sale for the last planting of the year… got a couple buckeye seeds as well… adding some California Color to the mix… the fall magic is in… and the last additions are:
California Buckeye
Epilobium ‘U.C. Hybrid’ (California Fuchsia)
Dog Violet (Viola adunca)

California Buckeye: A Tree for All Seasons

California Buckeye, always one season ahead

California Buckeye: Survivalist Beauty, but Foreign Appetites Beware

California buckeyes know what to do in summer dry spell — hibernate

Fall of the Buckeye Ball

Last California fuchsias standing

The Basics of Sowing Wildflower Seeds

The Water-Wise Buckeye

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