Black Friday was a mystery we’ve never tried to understand… why does black Friday even exist… not much surprise here… we flee back into the nature… a refreshing rainy day in Point Lobos that helps with the crowd control… we learn about the history of the place at Whalers Cabin… hike the Granite Point Trail in the light rain and absolutely love it!

We continue our wet road trip around Point Lobos… find our lunch clam chowder and dinner black cod at Sea Harvest… and end the day at SeaCliff in a storm break…

… with a hint of Marianne’s ice cream… California natives and ancient fossils…
Hi 5 for a wonderful Thanksgiving trip!

Mission Ranch Carmel

Point Lobos

Santa Cruz’s Many Wharves: From Lime and Lumber to Ecotourism

Seacliff State Beach

The Coastal Native Garden

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