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5. Dune Day

Dune coffee that is… with a splash of McConnell’s ice cream… yum 🙂 Beach in the afternoon… Sama Sama… SinzIAna… downtown party… finished the CITINERARY… Blame it on Fidel 🙂

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A WORLD 2 CELEBRATE: Ice Cream Month

July is Ice Cream Month and we are looking for a… cool movie night 🙂 The contenders are… Blood on the Carpet: Ice Cream Wars Comfort and Joy My Spy And the winner is…

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2. PARIS: Le Marais

Early morning in Le Marais… earlier than most shops opening time… nice stroll nevertheless… on Rue des Archives… to Rue de Bretagne… past the awakening MarchĂ© des Enfants Rouges… LadurĂ©e and Poilâne… to a green, lush corner… the Square du … Continue reading

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Black Friday was a mystery we’ve never tried to understand… why does black Friday even exist… not much surprise here… we flee back into the nature… a refreshing rainy day in Point Lobos that helps with the crowd control… we … Continue reading

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