19. VAL-DE-LOIRE: Amboise

First things first… Sunday in Amboise is farmers market day… LE DIMANCHE À AMBOISE, C’EST MARCHÉ!
Walking to the market… charming little streets… lovely Loire… most delicious strawberries with a hint of fraisier des bois… fromage de chevre… saucisses… pâté… bread… local specialties… rillette and rillons…hmmm… the unforgettable strawberries 🙂

Living like locals in beautiful Amboise… walking to Clos Lucé… enjoying the amazing park with some of Leonardo’a models… like a playground… it is so much more than we remember from a long time ago… playing and learning… a magical afternoon!
Adding to the magic… the newly-restored tapestry of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, commissioned by Francis I, is travelling to the Château du Clos Lucé from the Vatican Museum… beauty!

The afternoon feels too short… continuing the Amboise magic at Leonardo’s Point of View… amazing view… a place to cherish… and stay for longer… enjoy slowly… between two rivers…

Amboise: Charming Visitors Since Leonardo da Vinci


Discover, Delight in the Loire ValleyTravels around the Loire Valley

Le marché d’Amboise tous les dimanches matin de 8h00 à 13h30.

Votre plus beau marché 2019 : qu’est-ce qui fait le succès du marché d’Amboise ?

The Clos LucéHistory

“Leonardo da Vinci’s the last supper for Francis I, a masterpiece in gold and silk”

On the trail of Leonardo in France
The enigma of the tapestry of the Last Supper

Decouvrir Amboise – Patrick Prieur, Michel Sigrist

Le nom d’Amboise apparait pour le premier fois dans les Chroniques d’Amboise, un manuscrit de XVe siecle conserver a Saint-Petersbourg.
Ab Ambabus Aquis, Ambacia: entre deux eaux

5th centenary of Leonardo da Vinci’s time in Amboise

Leonardo da Vinci Imagines The First Modern City . pdf

The Urban Planning Vision of Leonardo da Vinci

Randonnée pédestre: Entre les deux eaux
Randonnée pédestre: Hors des sentiers battus

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