2023.07.19.LON: Good Night, Chelsea!

Fortunately it was a smooth flight… Unfortunately it was a sleepless night flight… Fortunately it was a super fast security check … Unfortunately we had to take many train rides from Heathrow to Chelsea… Fortunately we arrived safe and sound and hungry at our apartment… Unfortunately the crepe place ended our tradition… Fortunately we discovered Bute StMama PhoCrepes SuzettePartridges… cheers!


Bill Wyman has worked in the London borough of Chelsea onand-off since joining the Rolling Stones in 1962, and has lived in the area since 1982. Over the past few years, Bill has walked every street of his beloved neighbourhood, photographing anything unusual that caught his eye: bridges, churches, pubs, shops, houses, monuments, decorative wall plaques, blue historical plaques, statues, weather vanes, front doors, street signs and coal hole covers. Bill then began to research the area thoroughly – its history, its stories, and its residents.

Bill Wyman’s Chelsea is the result of this work: a comprehensive and informative guide to a London borough steeped in culture and history, as seen through the personal and affectionate lens of a long-standing resident, who himself plays a part in the history of the area. Complete with walking tour itineraries, maps, an A-Z of streets, historical information, over 400 of Bill’s photos and knowledge from an insider; Bill has produced what can confidently be called the ‘Master Book on Chelsea’.

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