2023.08.20.LON: The Proms!

A beautiful full day in London… starting at Nell Gwynn House… continuing the Albertopolis adventures with a simple plan… an Information Age morning visit and V&A afternoon refresher… only to discover the new Medicine Galleries… a place to explore time and again… setting a learning theme for our journey for now… history of medicine!

A few pics and more info online… this gallery is full of treasures… and it deserves a citinerary 🙂

As does the Information Age Gallery… and there’s an InfoAge+ app for this 🙂

A stroll through the Mathematics Gallery… ending with a time travel through London’s science exploration past… to be continued!

A quick and delicious Pret lunch… a nostalgic V&A afternoon… with a Japanese and Ceramics twist… Mama Pho dinner… and for something completely different… a first for us… the PromsImpressions of Spain!

Curating Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries

by Natasha McEnroe

In Autumn 2019 a spectacular suite of new Medicine galleries is due to open at the Science Museum in London, representing the biggest and most ambitious project that the Museum has ever undertaken. This permanent exhibition will include the historic collection of Henry Wellcome, whose personal treasure trove has been on long-term loan to the Museum for over 40 years, as well as the Science Museum’s own medical holdings. Medicine: An Imperfect Science is formed of stand-alone but connected chapters, generously illustrated, within which a rich history of medicine collecting can be found.



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