3.TULUM: Rain & Ruins

Tulum Blues
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Blues Metal Print
Lightning in the evening… summer storm in the morning… beautiful weather after that…
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Blues Metal Print
Tulum… Zona de Monumentos Arqueologicos… parking… information booths… connecting the past with the present day life…
dreaming of the possibilities

Tulum: Zona de Monumentos Arqueologicos Metal Print
La Muralla – defensa y limite | The Wall – defense and boundary
aWorld2Celebrate: La Muralla – The Wall, Tulum Metal Print
The House of the Cenote | La Casa del Cenote
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Metal Print
Templos Miniatura | Miniature Temples
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Miniature Temples Metal Print
Templo del Dios del Viento | Temple of the Wind God
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Temple of the Wind God Metal Print
El Castillo | The Castle
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Castle  Metal Print
El Castillo… Stela… iguana
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Iguana Metal Print
El Templo de las Pinturas | The Temple of the Paintings
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Frescoes Metal Print
House of the Columns | Casa de las Columnas
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Columns Metal Print
aWorld2Celebrate: House of the Columns, Tulum Metal Print
El Palacio del Gran Señor | The Palace of the Great Lord
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Palacio Metal Print
Tulum… iguanas… until next time!
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Iguana Cactus Metal Print
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Iguana Pose Metal Print
A few refreshing rain drops… a wonderful visit… CITINERARYpdf

Parque Nacional Tulum
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Bird Gallery Wrap
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Skeletons Metal Print
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Magico Metal Print
Lunch time… Taqueria Honorio… yum… 🙂
no farmers market… more food explorations need to be done 🙂

aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Chile Metal Print
Pink Night
aWorld2Celebrate: Tulum Pink Metal Print

12 Mayan words you need to learn before going to Yucatan
Yucatec-Maya Language Resources

Seeking the Mayan iguanas
The Iguanas in Tulum Are Not Your Regular Iguanas

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