2. BARCELONA: Bitter Sweet History…

Today was a sad day for us… decided to cut it short and start with the sweet part of the original itinerary… Carrer Petritxol… a sweeter destination was on the list… so we had our sort of brunch at Granja Viader… yum! We finally tried the Churros con Chocolate and added Crema Catalana to the… Continue reading 2. BARCELONA: Bitter Sweet History…

1. BARCELONA: Art Surprise!

While uploading pictures I notice a bit of a pattern… we went to London 2 years in a row (2015, 2016) and Barcelona next 2 years (2016, 2017)… and while it happened more by chance than by design… though our kids would choose London every time… it has the benefit of revealing the favorite places… Continue reading 1. BARCELONA: Art Surprise!

CITINERARY: Barcelona Sweet History!

Would you like a tour around the cultures of the world and discover the artistic and cultural heritage of diverse peoples from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania? To start the visit we suggest a tour via 12 outstanding works, a journey in time and space that will enable you to discover together as a family… Continue reading CITINERARY: Barcelona Sweet History!

CITINERARY: Barcelona Art Surprise!

Casa Calvet de Barcelona (1899) is one of Antoni Gaudí’s earliest buildings. Some people consider it his most conservative work but it also contains markedly modernista elements, such as the façade which terminates in a curve and the attic balconies, which look like something from a fairy tale. The ground floor now houses a restaurant.… Continue reading CITINERARY: Barcelona Art Surprise!