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SAN JOSE: Christmas Sphinx

You never know who will make your day… or save the Sphinx of San Jose 🙁

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Coyote Valley is on the hiking wish list for a while… just needed a booster for a happy hiking day!

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DAY TRIP: Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose… long time no see… quietly colorful…

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Uber to SJC… Delta to LAS… bumpy landing in LAS… VA to LGW… VERA movie time… Let the musical trip commence!

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MUSICAL ITINERARY: Ojai at Berkeley 2018

A tour de… musique… from Ojai at Berkeley… to our piano recital in San Jose and dinner at Maru Ichi in Mountain View… the vibe of Patricia Kopatchinskaja‘s Romanian and Moldovan Folk Music is still in the air… and yes, … Continue reading

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The Art&Music Trip 🙂 0. Tue 6/26: SJC – LAS – LGW VA | 12:00 – 09:25 | 13h 25m 1 stop Gatwick Express 2FOR1 on London attractions 1. Wed 6/27 London Nell Gwynn House Apartments EUROPEAN COMPOSERS IN LONDON … Continue reading

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CITINERARY: San Jose Art & History

Art & history citinerary… in downtown San Jose… on the 240th anniversary of San Jose! In the 1950s and 1960s, diving ladies appeared on US motel signs to advertise the presence of swimming pools. Once a common sight off the … Continue reading

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SAN JOSE: Happy International Jazz Day!

A short visit to see the Tech Challenge and a second visit to Fragile Waters brought us the surprise of jazz in Downtown San Jose… how could I have forgotten that today is the International Jazz Day? Well, we love … Continue reading

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SAN JOSE: Fragile Waters

Fragile Waters: Photographs by Ansel Adams, Ernest H. Brooks II, and Dorothy Kerper Monnelly March 16, 2017 – August 6, 2017 San Jose Museum of Art

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San Jose Museum of Art: Hidden Heroes

We almost missed this gem exhibit hiding at the San Jose Museum of Art if it were not for the Festive Fun workshop. With kid-size objects like pencil and lego that reveal and inspire, this amazing design exhibit is sure … Continue reading

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