San Diego Saturday: Old Town

With just a bit of traffic we made it to San Diego late afternoon. Since Old Town was a hit with kids last time, this is where we are heading for dinner 🙂 Same old La Piñata, same good food! This time the yummy surprise was chile relleno. Back to our apartment, ready to explore… Continue reading San Diego Saturday: Old Town

ITINERARY: South California

0. The long night drive to Disneyland… Fri, 6/14/2013 – Fun Day 🙂 Disney California Adventure Park #1 ATTRACTION: Cars Land! Sat, 6/15/2013 – Second Day Disneyland – Adventureland: Indiana Jones Revenge! Arrive at San Diego. Relax at the Shores🙂 Flag Day Ceremony Sun, 6/16/2013 – San Diego Day La Jolla Open Aire Market Puppet… Continue reading ITINERARY: South California