Mission Monday: 4th Grade Itinerary

Our 4th grade itinerary starts at Mission San Diego de Alcala. From the first of the missions we descend 10 degrees Fahrenheit to the first discovery of the Western Coast of the United States, Cabrillo National Monument. We knew about their kids and Junior Range programs, and indeed the kids got their first badges here,… Continue reading Mission Monday: 4th Grade Itinerary

ITINERARY: South California

0. The long night drive to Disneyland… Fri, 6/14/2013 – Fun Day 🙂 Disney California Adventure Park #1 ATTRACTION: Cars Land! Sat, 6/15/2013 – Second Day Disneyland – Adventureland: Indiana Jones Revenge! Arrive at San Diego. Relax at the Shores🙂 Flag Day Ceremony Sun, 6/16/2013 – San Diego Day La Jolla Open Aire Market Puppet… Continue reading ITINERARY: South California