Mission Monday: 4th Grade Itinerary

P1030899Our 4th grade itinerary starts at Mission San Diego de Alcala.

From the first of the missions we descend 10 degrees Fahrenheit to the first discovery of the Western Coast of the United States, Cabrillo National Monument. We knew about their kids and Junior Range programs, and indeed the kids got their first badges here, but we also discovered an amazing park that deserves a full day of exploration! The most surprising discovery though was that the Maritime Museum of San Diego is building a full-sized, fully functional, and historically accurate replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s flagship, San Salvador.

P1030927At the 4th grader request we added a new destination to our itinerary, the San Salvador Build Site at Spanish Landing, which will turn out to be the highlight of our trip. We’ll definitely return next year when the ship is completed!

Our serendipitous lunch at Fish Grotto & Fishette & Fichette brought us even closer to the Maritime Museum of San Diego where we found more information about the San Salvador Build Site and reserved a whole day, Wednesday, to explore both sites.

P1030995We continued the day on a playful note at the Coronado Beach, enjoyed the action and decided to come again another day.
Last and not memorable, Seaport Village offered a bit too much parking hassle for otherwise a perfect day in San Diego!

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Mission San Diego de Alcala | Cabrillo National Monument | Coronado & Seaport Village

Mission San Diego de Alcala: History

Cabrillo National Monument: For Kids | Junior Ranger | Scavenger Hunt

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