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MOVIE NIGHT: Ocho Apellidos Catalanes

Hmmm… Catalonia 🙂

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ARGENTINA: El ciudadano ilustre

Back from Spain… first international movie night of the summer… looking for a film in Spanish… found this gem… traveling from Barcelona to Argentina…

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CITINERARY: Sagrada Família

Back from Barcelona… Sagrada Familia… exploring more… starting a new citinerary only about Sagrada Família… for the next visit… would love to hear suggestions if you happen to stop by… thanks in advance! From this parc you can see the … Continue reading

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Fast forward to Bucharest… by Aerobus… from Pl.Catalunya… very convenient, short & sweet! Just a bit of time for last minute shopping… while writing this I’m trying to find the souvenirs we liked in Barcelona… and here’s a very cool … Continue reading

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4. BARCELONA: Eixample

Today is the day for Sagrada Família… we even booked the tickets online since the last year attempt ended up with a long line… skipped it… booked the first tour in the morning this time… full tours… it was perfect … Continue reading

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3. BARCELONA: The Magic of Miró in Montjuïc

After the usual morning treat in Barri Gòtic we headed to Montjuïc, our main destination for day #3. First stop is one gem of a museum that we discovered by chance many years ago when we had only a little … Continue reading

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2. BARCELONA: Bitter Sweet History…

Today was a sad day for us… decided to cut it short and start with the sweet part of the original itinerary… Carrer Petritxol… a sweeter destination was on the list… so we had our sort of brunch at Granja … Continue reading

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1. BARCELONA: Art Surprise!

While uploading pictures I notice a bit of a pattern… we went to London 2 years in a row (2015, 2016) and Barcelona next 2 years (2016, 2017)… and while it happened more by chance than by design… though our … Continue reading

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0. OAK-BCN: Flight & Movies

If there is one day I really don’t like travelling is Tuesday 13… and Friday 13 for that matter… so when our day started with bad news, sort of expected in a way, but that didn’t make it any better… … Continue reading

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CITINERARY: Barcelona Eixample

Constructed in 1909 by the modern Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí, it was a small school building for the children of the workers building the Sagrada Familia although other children of the neighborhood attended, especially from the underprivileged classes. It suffered … Continue reading

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