1.LONDON: Chelsea & Kensington

LGW: 15min customs line, not too bad Oyster cards: update and reload Gatwick Express: short & sweet Walk to Nell Gwynn House: 20 min, nice & sunny We are back to our favorite Chelsea place and we have our room ready, at 8th floor, in the back of the building! Next step is… … check… Continue reading 1.LONDON: Chelsea & Kensington

LON: No-Jetlag Day!

First day in the first city of our itinerary is the timezone switch. That means be curious, discover, explore, play, walk… everything but sleep! Here we go from Heathrow to Nell Gwynn House by tube, that’s easy with two (not so) little helpers and no underground change on Piccadilly Line. It gets a bit crowded… Continue reading LON: No-Jetlag Day!